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Welcome to Prostate MRI - Health:

According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men ages 65 and up.

With today's technology and knowledge of the prostate, we have the capability in preventing the possibility of severe damage to a vital male organ as well as early detection. At Prostate MRI Health, we offer excellent patient care with a non invasive MRI scan with our state-of-the- art 3.0 Tesla GE machine.

Don't Trust the TRUS!

The TRUS biopsy which is a 12 needle biopsy, is currently considered the standard technique urologists prescribe to evaluate prostate cancer with patients who have an elevated PSA; but why suffer through a 12 needle biopsy that only reaches the transitional zone and part of the peripheral, when you can have an MRI-Guided biopsy which is not only more accurate but only requires 1 needle? Learn More...